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wall clock supplier

wall clock supplier

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product description
Shell material: plastic
Style: simple
Shape: round
Size: 9 inches, 12 inches, 14 inches
Movement type: sweeping movement
Color classification: white, black, red, blue
Gross weight: 0.64kg
Mirror material: glass
Power type: battery
Dial material: plastic
Packing volume: 27.6*26*7cm

Quiet when walking, silent, mechanically ringing, crisp and loud, matte finish, no deformation and fading, with night light, soft small light will illuminate the dial, not glare and power saving, convenient for night use, the pointer is blossoming The sound, the sound is running below 10 decibels without noise, and rest assured to sleep.

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THN clock company was founded in March 2009, We are direct wall clock manufacturers from China, we have wall clock, alarm clock, grandfather clock, desk and table clock, digital and led. Cuckoo Clock, Digital & Led , Table , Desk Clock, Grandfather Clocks we can custom your own photo on clock, or custom logo wall clocks have good price on that, welcome to consult, our clients are from North America South America, Europe, Australia, Africa, Asia,

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wall clock supplier
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