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Advantages of natural latex mattresses

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Advantages of natural latex mattresses
1. High elasticity.
The ultra-high elasticity and fit of natural latex? It can make latex mattresses adapt to people of different weights? Naturally adapt to any posture of the sleeper? And the body fit can reach 95%? Can only reach 60-75%? Natural latex can also improve backache and insomnia caused by sleep.
2. Orthopedic function.
The latex mattress is 3-5 times larger than the ordinary mattress in contact with the human body. It can evenly disperse the bearing capacity of the human body's weight, and can automatically adjust the poor sleeping posture, so that the spine can relax and recover, so it has an orthopedic function.
3. Breathable and antibacterial.
The molecular structure of latex is special, which has good comfort, breathability, mildew resistance, dust mites, and inhibits the breeding of bacteria and parasites. The open latex porous airbag structure has 250,000 internal connected ventilation holes per cubic inch, making The air circulates freely in the mattress, which can disperse the heat and sweat generated by the contact between the skin and the mattress during sleep, and keep the body comfortable and dry during sleep. So sleeping on a latex mattress in summer will be much cooler than ordinary mattresses? There is no stuffiness on the mattress? Irritability and difficult to fall asleep.

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