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Classification of new types of decompression toys

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Classification of new types of decompression toys
1. Unlimited squeeze bubbles,
I believe that when I was young, I must not do less when I was a kid. Every time there are valuables of glass or home appliances, a lot of bubble plastic film inside is torn out, cracking down, that feeling can be said to be said to be said to be said It's very sour.
This toy simulates the effect and feeling of squeezing bubbles, and it is suitable for carrying it with you. It can also be squeezed and squeezed repeatedly. I don't know if you have already itching now.
2. Unlimited squeezing beans is the second -generation decompression toy launched by Bandai Bandai. This toy is actually a small plastic edama. Each toy pod has three small edamame with different expression. As soon as I squeeze it in my hand, BIU will be out. There is a material connection between the small edamame and the pods, and it will not be completely squeezed out by you. When you release your hand, it is pulled back by itself. It's right. The volume of the toy is very small, you can hang it in the keychain, and carry it with you at any time.
3. Screaming chicken, this "chicken" can be said to be very familiar with everyone, or the original appearance, or a familiar call. This is a rubber turkey toy with a funny posture and a wonderful cry. The gameplay is also quite rich. From the back, it scary, or throw it under the pillow, and even you can even give it a certain amount of anger and make it screaming. When you are depressed, you can slap the table and sand. In the end, your fist is still painful.

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