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Maintenance of red wine glass

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Maintenance of red wine glass
In the daily maintenance process, pay attention to cleaning the wine glass without leaving any stains and water marks. Wipe the wine glass with clean fine silk before using, and then drink.
After drinking the wine glasses, it takes the day to clean it. Red wine glasses are easy to make, and high -end crystal cups are more expensive. Therefore, it is not necessary to mix with tableware such as ceramic utensils, knives and forks. I don’t recommend using dishwasher to wash. Such dishwasher, but it is not as good as a cup was specially designed abroad to clean the wine glass. Therefore, it is advisable to wash it by hand. First, soak it with hot water, then rinse with distilled water, and dry it with cotton cloth. In addition, the wine glass should be cleaned immediately after use. When washing, you can also wash it with a mild cleaner first, then rinse with hot water, and finally dry it with a dry cloth without leaving cotton wool. Some odor, put it in the wine cabinet. Note that you must hold the cup when you wash the glass and do not pinch the cup. Remember not to buckle the wine glass on the paper products. The smell of the pulp has a certain impact on tasting. The wine glasses that are placed on the cabinet for a long time are easy to dip the dust, rosin or woody flavor. Before use, you should wipe with some heavy acid or borax before using it, and then wash it with water. It can be seen that drinking red wine from the beginning to end is very particular, depending on how you pay attention.
The posture of cleaning the wine glass correctly: The wine glass is usually fragile, so you must hold the cup body when washing the wine washing glass. Do not pinch the cup feet with your hands, otherwise it will turn gently. Broken.

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