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The hardness of the mattress

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The hardness of the mattress
There are great differences between Chinese and Western consumers in terms of the firmness and firmness of mattresses. Chinese consumers prefer firmer mattresses, while Western consumers prefer softer mattresses. What is the appropriate firmness of the mattress? This is a general concern of consumers. It has been scientifically proven that soft mattresses reduce the support of the spine, and hard mattresses are not comfortable enough, so a mattress that is too hard or too soft is not good for healthy sleep. The hardness of the mattress directly affects the quality of sleep. Compared with the hard wooden mattress and the soft sponge bed, the spring mattress with moderate hardness is more conducive to getting a good sleep.
A resilient mattress is essential to human comfort and sleep quality. The distribution of spring mattresses to the body's support force is relatively uniform and reasonable, which can not only play a sufficient supporting role, but also ensure a reasonable physiological curvature of the spine; using spring mattresses to sleep more stable, improve the overall sleep efficiency, and wake up the body after waking up. Comfort and mental state are good. You can get a higher quality sleep with a box spring than with a wood or foam mattress.

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