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the maintenance method of the mattress

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the maintenance method of the mattress
Sleep is the foundation of health, how can we have healthy sleep? In addition to life, psychological and other reasons, it is also very important to have a "hygienic and comfortable" healthy mattress. Xianmang Home Textiles reminds that proper cleaning and maintenance of mattresses can not only prolong the service life of mattresses but also ensure the health of the family.
1. Use better quality sheets, which not only absorb sweat, but also keep the cloth surface clean.
2. Don't sit on the edge of the bed often. The four corners of the mattress are the most vulnerable. Sitting on the edge of the bed for a long time will easily damage the edge guard spring.
3. Do not jump on the bed, so as not to damage the spring due to excessive force at a single point.
4. Remove the plastic packaging bag when using to keep the environment ventilated and dry and avoid the mattress from getting damp. Do not expose the mattress to the sun for too long as the fabric will fade.
5. If other beverages such as tea or coffee are accidentally knocked over on the bed, immediately use a towel or toilet paper to dry it with heavy pressure and dry it with a hair dryer. When the mattress is accidentally stained with dirt, wash it with soap and water, and do not use strong acid or strong alkaline cleaners to avoid fading and damage to the mattress.

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