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Use and maintenance of razors

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Use and maintenance of razors
Using the electric shaver correctly can not only get a satisfactory shaving effect, but also ensure the safety of use and prolong the service life of the electric shaver.
(1) It is generally not advisable to shave when the beard is too long. If the beard is too long, it is best to use a dual-purpose electric shaver with a trimmer. Or roughly trim the beard with small scissors first, and then use the razor for better results.
(2) Dry your face first and then shave. It is best to use your fingers to slightly taut the skin of your face, touching the skin at right angles to the beard, and gently move the electric shaver in a circular motion.
(3) People with allergic constitution, as well as when the body is tired, when there are alcohol thorns, swollen sores on the face, and when the skin has symptoms such as fever, itching or rash, should not use electric shavers.
(4) When installing and disassembling the electric shaver, be sure to disconnect the power supply, stop the motor rotation or electromagnetic vibration, otherwise, there is a danger of being cut. Due to the sharp edge at the front end of the inner knife, special attention should be paid during installation and disassembly. .
(5) The cutting edges and pores of the inner and outer knives are easy to hide shavings and dander, and should be removed after each use.

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