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What toys are suitable for the elderly?

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What toys are suitable for the elderly?
It takes granted to buy toys for children, but maybe you do n’t know that toys should also be a standing for the elderly. With the increase of age, human body functions gradually degenerate, and the response will become more and more slow. Experts of elderly pathogenesis said that playing with toys appropriately has a great effect on delaying aging for the elderly. Chess and card toys, do brains. Chess and card toys are very suitable for the elderly, because it is suitable for its movement and brain. The opportunity for the elderly to use brains will decrease, and their attention and cognitive ability will be further decreased. Memory has also begun to decline. Frequent chess or playing cards can fully exercise the brain cells of the elderly. As long as the brain cells are constantly running, the number of cells transmitted by the brain will increase, thereby delaying aging, preventing decreased memory of the elderly and decline in the memory of the elderly Alzheimer's diseases such as dementia. Experts recommend chess, bridge cards, Huarong Road, Go and other toys. These toys are not difficult to operate. They can also make people calm, suitable for the elderly to play.

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