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where to buy best rebar cutter machine

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Henan Yuchuang Manchinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd,established in 1996,is located in Changge,Henan province,which is the manufacturing base of light construction machinery.It's only 25 kilometers from Yuchuang to Zhengzhou international Airport.
As an intergrated company with design,production,sales and after-sales service,we have two subordinate branch companies:construction machinery and electrical machinery.We have successfully developed various types of machinery,including fully automatic CNC wire straightening and bending hoop machine,CNC wire straightening and cutting machine,bar cutting machine,bar bending machine,refractory gunning machine,grouting machine,concrete slag removal machine,concrete troweling machine and kinds of electrical machine under 22KW. Now the products have taken up a big market in more than 20 provinces in china,South-east Asia and North Africa.
Welcome to visit our factory!

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