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Drum pulper

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Drum pulper is a product which incorporates pulping and screening function and is particularly suitable for pulping the unsorted waste paper raw materials. For expanding the recovery and utilization the secondary fiber, reducing the environmental pollution, saving the energy, reaching the localization of papermaking equipment and saving the foreign exchange, the product has a greater economic and social benefits. Drum pulper is used for disintegrating continuously and coarse screening under a high concentration of waste paper raw materials (14%-22%)
product description
paper making machine production line
Waste paper making machine production line
Kraft paper making machine production line
Testliner paper making machine production line
Corrugated paper making machine production line
Fluting paper making machine production line
Coated white board making machine production line
Tissue making machine production line
Toliet paper making machine production line
Culture paper making machine production line
A4 paper making machine production line
Printing and writing paper making machine production line
Napkin paper making machine production line
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Tel.: (86)371-55029551 (86)13783579051
Fax: (86)371-86138029
Office Add: Hetun Industrial Area, Dawei Town, Xinmi City, Henan Province ,China
Postcode: 452383

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