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coffee vending machine

coffee vending machine

xiaying road, yinzhou zone – Zhenjiang – China, close Shanghai+86 574 84521623Facebook
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Rated voltage:220V±10%/50Hz
Merchandise variety:Max.48
Capacity:Configuration design of spring plus conveyor, the stock quantities depend on commodity size
Showcase:Clear glass window;Equipped with android 23.6 inch touch screen
Cash payment system:Bill, Coin
Noncash payment system:Bankcard, Creditcard etc (optional, MDB protocol)
Net weight:400Kg
Power:330W for refrigeration
Main Features:
1.High Grade Appearance Design
Attract attention, display effectiveness of perfect visual sense
2.Unlimited Merchandise Choice for Sale
Selection configuration of spring plus conveyor, stock for varieties of commodity sizes will be available
3.Optimized Commodity Showcase
HD double-layer tempered glass,clearer display and stronger protection

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coffee vending machine
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