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vending machine companies

vending machine companies

xiaying road, yinzhou zone – Zhenjiang – China, close Shanghai+86 574 84521623Facebook
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Zhenjiang (China, close Shanghai) - Anping County (China, Bohai Bay)Zhenjiang (China, close Shanghai) - GCC (Arabian blocs)
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Appearance size: 1955*1015*280mm
Commodity reserves: 200-240 products
Product category: food, snacks, etc.
Weight: 300kg
Shipping method: spring tray drawer cargo lane
Product screen: 7-inch playback screen
Equipment temperature control: normal temperature
Power supply voltage: AC220V 66W 50/60Hz
Color: Custom
1.7-inch advertising display for playing videos and pictures in various types of formats;
2. Can support coins, banknotes and other payment methods, convenient and fast;
3. Adopt international standard MAD design, in line with international DEX standards, can support common standard peripherals in various countries;

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vending machine companies
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