IGAD countries

IGAD countries

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The Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) is an eight-country trading bloc based in Eastern Africa. It includes governments from the Horn of Africa. Nile Valley. and the African Great Lakes.

The African Great Lake region consists of countries that surround the African Great Lakes.

Population of IGAD:  190.000.000            

GDP  aprox.  $ 230 trillion

If we order from Highest GDP to lower GDP

  1. Ethiopia.  

    Population, 91.195.675  (14th). GDP (PPP) . $103.1 trillion   (69th)

  2. Sudan. 

    30.894.000   (39th) . $98.79   trillion   (74th)

  3. Kenya. 

    Population  43.500.000 (31st). GDP (PPP)  Total $75.8 trillion  (80th)

  4. Uganda.

    Population  35.873.253      GDP (PPP Total $50.4 trillion  (91th)

  5. SouthSudan 

    Population.  8.260.490  (94th) GDP (PPP) Total $10.5 trillion

  6. Somalia.

    GDP (PPP) Total  $5.896 trillion(163rd) 

  7. Eritrea. 

    Population    6.086.495  (107th). GDP (PPP)   Total    $4.4 trillion   (157th)

  8. Djibouti.

    Population 792.198(161th). GDP(PPP)Total $2,3 trillion (161th)


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