Just one example with Kenya.
See the countries occupied here
in Work with us


This will depend the niches we could create, in any case, when the niches would be decided by the blogger, the half of incomes from publicity will be for the blogger and the other half for Sylodium


The Parties:

Pedro Mayado DNI (11863854 J), administrator of Sylodium S.L. CIF( B 49269202) Address. Avd Portugal 8 2º Zamora (Spain) 49015

In the other side, XXXXXXXXXX………..



Administrator’s Work and Incomes.

1.- Invitation to companies to join Sylodium as Users:
These companies must be in any global business, or interested in starting any import export or global business.
XXXXXXX will charge the incomes of Premium Users of KENYA at first (100%) until 100 dollars per month, and from 100 dollars to 1.000 dollars (50 %)
And with more than 1.000 dollars, 10% for collaborator, 90% for Sylodium monthly, but the first amount equal or above 1.000 dollars enterily for him all amount reached the first month. 
less or 100 dollars, 100% for collaborator
The excess over $ 100 50% for collaborator
The excess over $ 1000, 10% for collaborator

he reachs 95 dollars from Premium Users, he wins 95 dollars
he reachs 250 dollars from PU, he wins the 100 dollars plus 25 (50% of the excess over the 150) so
175 dollars monthly, but the complete amount, the first month, is that to say, 250 dollars first month, 175 dollars monthly. 
He reachs 1500 dollars from PU, he will win 100 fixed, plus 50% of 900 dollars= 450 plus 10% of 500 dollars= 50, totally 500 dollars monthly, but 1.500 dollars first month"

(All Kenyan Premium Users are considered, except if other collaborator claim them and probe come from him, that have ben got for Sylodium's collaborator in Kenya)
After 3 months XXXXXXX will opt to administrate COMESA countries
XXXXXX will decide the 50 % of Sylodium’s administrator of cities of KENYA, and Sylodium the other 50%
the first 100 euros will go to the city administrator, and the excess of 100 euros, 25% for XXXXX, and 25% for the administrator of any cities KENYA.
Never mind if Sylodium or XXXXXX choose these administrators in the conditions related.

2.- Invitation to KENYAN institutions like external affairs ministries, embassies, chambers of commerce and other institutions and/or associations of international trade.
Offering 3 banners (for ever) for the institutions. There are always 6 banners, so half of banners.
And the half of incomes of Kenyan companies (obviously those they could get, and any other Kenyan company)
This offer only works for 3 institutions per AREA,
so will be possible another Nigerian Institution, or South African, for example, in these conditions, but if a Egyptian would encourage after these 3, the conditions will be different
We will go in half incomes with maximum, 3 per AREA, 39 institutions, 39 countries, the rest nearly 200 not possible. 
In case of achieve the contact with the institution willing to make (unless) an Exchange of links with Sylodium.
XXXXXX will charge all the incomes of his country at first (100%) until 200 dollars per month (not 100), and from 200 euros to 1.000 dollars (50 %)
If the Institution would collaborate with Sylodium promoting between its members, then the benefits will be evident for XXXXXX and Sylodium, and the Institution would win 3 banners forever in KENYA related with the rest of the world.
in Kenyan cities, related with the rest of cities of the world
And the half of incomes of Kenyan companies (in Premium users)

3.- Searching in the Web, SYlodium, the potential businesses can be done in KENYA. For example.
China – KENYA
Money from this searching inside the Web, looking for potential business matches for Premium Users and Free Users, finding out, referencing them in the Global Contest Forum, and contact them offering them intermediation via Sylodium.
The reasonable commision should be between 2 – 4 % over the total amount.
From this percentage.
.80 % of the commission set, will be for XXXXXX, 20 % for Sylodium.
Sylodium charge to the company and in less than 15 days will pay to XXXXX.

4.- When a Premium user would want Sylodium services in KENYA
Money when a Premium User from any country of the world, would want to do some operation via Sylodium in KENYA. So depending the conditions, will be the deal.
We know that many export business involve big amounts of money.
The reasonable commision should be between 2 – 4 % over the total amount.
80 % of the commision for XXXXXXXXXX, 20 % for Sylodium.
Sylodium will charge to the company and in less than 15 days will pay to XXXXXXXXXX.



Sylodium will pay to XXXX through bank account transference or PayPal or Western Union. The delivery cost will be charged to XXXXXXX that can choose one of these ways of payment


Sylodium Obligations

Sylodium must provide to XXXXXX all information about companies, incomes, deals, possibilities, charges, percentages, etc that XXXXX would require from Sylodium to work in the best way.

Sylodium must provide to XXXX, the Sylodium’s annual accounts of the Commercial Register.
Sylodium will give a banner for XXXXX in KENYA related with the rest of the world, KENYA - Canada, KENYA - Spain, Rusisa – USA, KENYA – Africa, KENYA – China…Etc
Pay the amounts that have been agreed in this contract, and that Sylodium would charge in less than 15 days since the Sylodium’s charge the companies or users.

Duration of the Contract: 1 year, automatic annually renovation except:

For the contract not to be renewed, XXXXX must have a bad performance, as well as poor work compared with the rest of Sylodium administrators of the rest of countries, and both, bad performance, and poor work, should be clear and evident. Otherwise, the contract will be renewed annually


Contract Termination

XXXXXXXXXX may terminate the contract as long as he wants, giving a pre-notice to Sylodium stating his willingness to terminate a month in advance, so that he can be substituted by another administrator of KENYA.
Sylodium may terminate the contract if XXXXXXXXXX breach the user data protection dispositions
(privacy policy) included in the legal notice.

Mediating Clause

Every disagreement that derives from this contract or that relates to it will be definitely resolved in agreement with the International Chamber of Commerce Mediating Regulation by one or more mediators named in accordance to this regulation in the central headquarters of the International Mediating Court in Paris, and in Spanish language (if the associate wants and if residing in Spain, it may be held in Madrid instead of Paris).