European Union - AFRICA trade

European Union - AFRICA trade

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We know that Europe is leveraging African business in many ways and senses, not just for paying its debt (this is specially a French, Dutch, Belgian, and British debt, and in second term, Portuguese, German, and Italian debt), but for doing business in a "win in proportion" way, not simple win - win. 

Do you have ideas about the better ways to increase African Ecomonies to avoid African inmigration? Sure you can be our blogger to make money with us.

Do you want to be our agent, representing Sylodium in EU - Africa Industry 4.0, EU - Africa Laser Trade  or EU - Africa HR Solutions?

Focused specially in Industry 4.0, AI, 3D Printing, Robotics, IoT, IIoT, Augmented Reality and HR. 

There is a point, where inside revolution times, new business depend from brilliant minds the same that depend from brilliant tech.

All of us know that Africa not need charity neither exploitation, but win in proportion business, as is happening currently. 

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(The global platform for bilateral trade) . All country crossings you'd desire.

Mumbai - Berlin 

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Everybody can benefit from our UNIQUE global platform, companies, instititutions, and public.

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1.- The total GDP of EU -28 is a bit higher than the GDP of USA

2,. We have to distinguish Eurozone of the European Union, where Former CEFTA countries (except Slovakia), baltics countries (except Estonia) and Sweden, Denmark, and UK that don’t have the currency EURO.

3.-Actually there are a hard battle between the different European countries. What os good for Germany, can be bad for Spain.

4.-The economic gap between  Northern EU (mainly Nordic countries, Germany, and Netherlands) and Southern EU currently is increasing, so people speak about two Europes (two speeds).

EU map



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in order to administrate EU and their relationship with the rest of the world

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In Sylodium (global import export directory, city and country / crossing system) you can advertise for free your company or your project, at the intersection of cities and/or countries you’d desire, like

MIlan (Italy) – Berlin (Germany)

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