GCC - AFRICA trade

GCC - AFRICA trade

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Do you want to manage Middle East Relations with Africa?

Today we know that not only USA, that also CHINA is taking advantage of the Emerging Africa.

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how much depends OPEC to USA?

Is Arab people too much annoyed as the West companies extract the petroleum?
Where there is more hypocrisy in American or Arab people?

It doesn't matter

We are here to support the little business

If you want to do business between Arab countries and American or European countries, for example, take advantage of our connected world. 

(The Real International trade directory). All country crossings you'd desire. 

Shenzhen (China) - Dubai business 

Just an example.

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GCC: countries:

the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is a political and economic union of Arab states bordering the Persian Gulf,

This area has some of the fastest growing economies in the world, mostly due to a boom in oil, natural gas and petroleum revenues.
The GCC has Less than 45 millions inhabitants.

the FTA between the EFTA States and the GCC, became operational on July 1, 2014. Tap to make business in Europe - Middle East, via Sylodium

if we order the 6 countries from highest to lowest GDP per capita:

1.- Qatar

Population: 1.903.447

GDP per cápita: $102.943 (2nd)

2.- Kuwait

Population: 2.818.042 (131st)
GDP per cápita: $58.080 (5th)

3.- United Arab Emirates

Population: 8.264.070 (93rd)
GDP per cápita: $48.158 (7th)

4.- Saudi Arabia

Population: 29.195.895 (43rd)
GDP per cápita: $31.275 (28th)

5.- Bahrain

Population: 1.234.571 (155th)
GDP per cápita: $27.556 (33rd)

6.- Oman

Population: 2.773.479 (140th)
GDP per cápita: $26.519 (33th)

GCC map

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