Oceania - Africa, Tourism and Trade.

Oceania - Africa, Tourism and Trade.

For bloogers and agents

Would you like to manage geopolitics and geoeconomic movements of Oceanian States with Africa?

Not just Tourism, but Industry 4.0.

The Industry 4.0 is the concrete opportunity for developing countries to reduce their gap with developed ones. The Industry 4.0 need big minds more than big tech.

Couldn't Australia - South Africa trade leads the change of North - South relations?

Is not the time to Natural Resources knowing the coming 3D Printing Industry?

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Australia and New Zealand are larger and wealthier than the other countries of Pacific Islands Forum.

Australia's population is around twice that of the other 15 members combined and its economy is more than five times larger.

Australia and New Zealand sign free trade pact with ASEAN


Population.   22.969.392    (52nd)

GDP (PPP) Total.  $ 960,7 trillion  (18th)

Per capita.  $42.354   (13th)

New Zealand.

Population.  4.451.017  (122nd)

GDP (PPP) TOTAL.  $ 122,2  trillion (63th)

Per capita.   $27.668  ( 29th)

The other countries, all of them Islands are

Kiribati, Palau, Solomon Islands,  Papua New Guinea, Tonga, Micronesia , Tuvalu

Niue island, Fiji island.

And these other islands are also Tax Havens:

Samoa, Vanuatu, Cook Islands, Nauru, Marshall Islands,

PIF map


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