Setting International jobs 4.0

Setting International jobs 4.0

For bloggers

Do you want to manage International Jobs, Global HR Solutions related with Industry 4.0 (AI, 3D Printing, Robotics, BD, Augmenting, and IoT<=>IIoT? 

You manage all the pages related, you win the money

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For Institutions in Industry 4.0 

Are you in bilateral trade between any European country with any African country related with Industry 4.0 or laser Industry? You will have to count with us as we are occupying due to our crossing system all the bilateral trade relations of the European countries related with African countries, African regions, and whole Africa in Internet. 

Are you in any Association, Platform or Institution of HR Solutions or Projects targeting Africa?

Contact us for synergies.

For companies

Make business in all bilateral trades. Specially from Europe to Africa related with Laser Industry and Human Resources Solutions for African projects. Due to our system and the URLs, metas, and contents in European - African crossings, these business take huge advantage in Internet to be in TOP positions, with not virtual competitors. 

What do we propose about Global Jobs?


A.- USERS’ Inter-Actions

Our platform Works in a sense as a Social Business network,  where you can

CommentFollow - To see the movements of your competitors or suppliers, sellers, etc.

Buy - Buy to China, buy to Indonesia...

- Sell - Sell to Nigeria, sell to Egypt...

Alliance - With any company of the network


UNIQUE for Premium users.


including thirds.

Both tools, are very interesting for people starting an import export business, or for companies with small market share striving for increase their strenght. Specially for R&D small businesses.

Many alliances can emerge with the Spanish wine company

For ex.: About the route it has been chosen (In the trip back to Spain to Russia, in Germany can full the trucks or in France or in Ukraine…), about the wine: the amount (another Spanish wine company deal with this to increase the amount and decrease the costs….), about potential complementary products, (the Russian trader need wine and jam or any other gourmet product, for ex.)

The same for Russian trader…For ex. only buy the wine to Spanish company in case he can sell meat to Middle East, then, this condition could be included as triangular operation, via including thirds, in the same case, an Egyptian company is willing to buy the Russian meat, in case the Russian trade do a barter with agro products….Etc, the chain can be very long, but in this chain, in the interconnections points, in the knots where 2 or 3 or more companies are in business, many other business can emerge, and can be done, 

Just an example to be aware of the new reality of Sylodium System

Circuit business. Interwoven business. Business Pleach…..

The chain of Canadian supply bombardier C-Series plane is currently manufactured in Canada (design, assembly and testing);  in China (the fuselage); in United Kingdom (wing structures), in Italy (the empennage); in Germany (landing gear) and in the United States (engine parts and other components). All steps can be done via SYlodium Everything runs.  

B.- USERS' interaction with SYlodium’s collaborators, and experts.,



C USERS' interaction with public.

 9.- International trade game. 

Sorry, unique international trade game.

We should apologize for saying is unique so many times?

international business Jobs

You can win big amounts of money with us.

Read it please

We want people who read, and people who think.

For now,

1.- For international trade experts (via experience)

Represent your country related with the rest of the world

See the contract

Also, you will opt to represent a whole area.


2.- For international trade experts (via study)

make money via our Forum-Business-Contest

You can win many prizes, and you opt to manage some of our sections.

If you are an expert in Human Resources

take a look to our coming system.

And contact us if you want to work with us

Imagine you are company from Mexico that need distributors in Middle East for you products

You can advertise in

Mexico – Middle East

And later

You can advertise in the connection

Company – Distributors

Or in the connection

Company – Employees (if you want persons to work for you offering commissions instead of companies)

Later you choose your category

The frame is established

But imagine many other possibilites

Just some examples

Experts – Employees, to offering their platforms, or their books, or their tips… 

The same Company – Employees, but referencing experts in (experts – employees), so these can participate advising the company and advicing the employees

Employees – Companies, asking for job

Employees – Experts, asking for advice

Etc, etc

Even circuit business

In any case,

after the especific segmentation,

comes the multiplication

the proposal, 

appear, in Mexico - Middle East (Mexico - Saudi Arabia, Mexico - UAE, Mexico - Iran......)

In México, in Middle East

in Company - Employees

In the category.....

In all places, as part of the segmentation


For a medium term

3.- Online business opportunites

Are you good in thinking of synergies?

We are
Tap our Unique Platform and
Choose a matter by your career and contact us
We will find the way to make Sylodium the homepage of any international businessman


Each matter match with a career

careers – matters – categories taking in account where Sylodium can be (even) more useful to make business and to make money, due to its unique system, of connecting countries, connecting cities, and connecting areas.

careers list


-Sales on – line




-Mining industry

-Shipping Business


-Forex Trading, etc

science careers

-Business Administration

Bloogers jobs. 

Manage, our sections of Economic blocs, some of our categories, and bilateral trade news.