AFREXIMBANK lends Egypt $500 million (Sylodium)


According to the agreement, AFREXIMBANK will lend Egypt funds worth $500 million designed to facilitate trade between Egypt and other member states of the 37-country bank. (AFREXIMBANK)

Intra African trade, is one of the key of Africa development

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Govt fails to sign fuel deal with China

“Until the issue of taxation is concluded, the Nepal-China fuel deal will not get any concrete shape,” a high-level source privy to the development told THT.

That is the reality of International trade,

Well, the reality of business

The Power's relationships orders the trade


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Mixed business reactions to proposed Trans-Pacific

Tomaszewski said it is good that barriers to American-made goods will be removed by the TPP. But, he said, businesses still will deal with other costs that can make American products more expensive: higher labor and health care costs.

Tomaszewski said. "You want to bring jobs back? Put duties on incoming products

Tomaszewski forgets that the TTP is more than for creating Jobs,

forget that the goal, as Obama has said many times, is not allow China to establish the international rules in Pacific region?

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Some small enterprises seem gloomy over ASEAN free trade

It could make them the fourth largest economy in the world for the next 15 years with over eight percent economic growth. However, success is not going to fall out of the sky. The government should make necessary preparations because small enterprises still need its help.

So obvious that we shouldn’t comment, just say, how the title try to catch the attention in opposite way with just one company example!!!! 

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