Africans, Jews and Arabs exchanging agro tech ideas and products.

Africans, are you ready to rotate some matter about Agro Tech Industry in your African country with Middle East?

Three industrial revolutions have created the world we live in now and we are about to witness yet another major leap. 

Most solutions that are necessary to implement Industry 4.0 already exist but we are still teetering on the brink of change, hesitating to make the next step forward

But what about Agro Tech 4.0?

Do you have ideas about Reasonable Agro Tech for for your African country, to rotate it globally?

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Do you think that the racial legacies of slavery continue to affect intimate, social and political forms of life in Africa and Middle East?

This question is relevant for us. As you are in this goal, rotate virtually the Planet.

We are not joking, you will see it.

Since the early 2000s, the francophone magazine Jeune Afrique has published personal testimonies of both Black Maghrebians and sub-Saharan Africans. The questions posed regarding identity and discrimination in these narratives became more urgent following the protests and revolutions that took place in many North African and Middle Eastern countries in 2011. In post-revolution Tunisia, for example, we've seen unprecedented forms of black rights activism that question the very idea that black emancipation can exist without a continued struggle against racism.

Innovation means something real in agriculture. It means feeding the world in the face of climate change, water shortages, pests, natural disasters, and more

How innovation can contribute to food and nutrition security

Agro at Forefront of Transformation of African Marketplace?

Despite looming threats such as the armyworm, I see an opportunity for sustainable development through solutions in ‘Agro.

Contec Global Agro, as an example, provides biodegradable, non-toxic products which are effective and efficient in protecting crops from pests like the armyworm.

 Factory 4.0 is to enable that. In wide sense, FIR is in Agro businesses to access to increased levels of data will be possible due to numerous sensors settled in the Industrial Internet of Things

In Sylodium, the IIoT and IoT are linked to AGRO TECH (SYlodium via Heminemetics, Logometry, and Rexiology will do it in the unique way can be do it in a global sense)

The Future of Jobs in the World 4.0? There's an App for that! The rise of apps in employment relationships?

Instead of resisting the robotization trend or the 4.0 revolution, cheap labor markets like Vietnam should learn to live with the trend, experts say. 

Looking to begin a new career in the agro Tech Industry?

Vietnamese workers to compete with robots for jobs

Automation is a must to improve profits. In the next decade, in some production phases like chemical fiber production, the replacement by robots will be at a very high level.

And in agro Industry?

But, what about earn money just with your agro ideas in Sylodium?

If you aren’t familiar with the concept of vertical farming for example, don’t worry, this could be a reference to you to work with us, the idea is that You plant, cultivate, and farm crops as usual, but in a vertical setting with stacking layers. This can be done in a warehouse for farmers or on the side of a skyscraper for business people to enjoy.

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Africa, Middle East, Asia, America, China Agro Tech 4.0

Agro-processing can feed E. Africa, cut climate woes

Agro-processing contributes to food security in several ways. For instance, it helps in preventing post-harvest losses by giving foodstuffs a longer shelf life and ensuring availability throughout the year.

On the demand-side, low income levels of the majority of the population within EAC are the leading causes of the slow turnover of locally processed goods

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For the region to sustainably develop agro-processing, member States should ensure that the quality of produce is locally, regionally and internationally competitive and outdo imports on costs and quality.

Tierra Agrotech buys Monsanto cotton seed business  : Hyderabad-based Tierra Agrotech Pvt Ltd on Friday said it acquired the branded cotton seeds business of MonsantoNSE -0.76 % Holdings. 

Tierra targets to scale up its breeding and research programme by integrating the acquired business and by strategically investing to deliver high-yielding cotton hybrids 

Today, Israel is teaching other nations how to make their own deserts bloom. “People come here from all over the world to study how we grow things in the desert and how to fight against the desert’s continuing conquest of their land,” explains Gadi Grinblat, of the Ramat Negev Agro-Research Center in Israel’s Negev desert.

Israeli Agriculture 4.0 and high-tech form a winning team

From mushrooms that nourish other crops to mass production of edible grasshoppers, Israeli startups are impacting Agriculture 4.0.

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An Israeli government program sends Israeli agro-scientists to Africa, Asia, Latin America, Central Europe and the Middle East in order to share Israeli developments and know-how with countries around the world.

Israel and the Arab countries, in particular the Gulf countries, are on a verge of a new era of cooperation, in particular with respect to technology, Agriculture 4.0 and water innovation

talking about creating hub to hub cooperation on themes like healthcare, Internet of Things and agrotech? Should this be successful, Startup Nation will meet Startup Rising in the Arab world for investments and technology cooperation.

For many years, Israeli technological developments in Agriculture 4.0 were confined mostly to academic institutions, but agro-tech has now emerged as a leading global high-tech industry 

Vietnam commits to realising GMS high-tech Agriculture 4.0 priority

The Strategy for Promoting Safe and Environment-Friendly Agro-Based Value Chains in the GMS, endorsed in 2017 sets out goals to transform GMS Agriculture 4.0 systems into leading global suppliers of safe and environment-friendly agricultural products.

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Industry 4.0. Are we there yet?

Are actually business in FOURTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION?

what about matching IoT with IIoT via your own TECH APP between China and/or USA with your African country?

Tetra Pak eyes Future agro-business demand for innovative packaging and processing

On the processing side of Tetra Pak’s business, Thailand is a key growth country within Asean The government initiatives to grow the food innovation and agro-processing industries under Thailand 4.0 will give the company great opportunities to provide innovative solutions to those industries. 

“Our unique offer of integrated processing and packaging solutions will ensure that Thailand can show robust growth for many years to come,” 

What you need to lead in the Industry 4.0

being a follower or being a leader?

Make business with Chinese and American companies about Reasonable Industry 4.0

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