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Make money in Middle East - UAE

Dubai has been ranked eighth globally in terms of the number of international tourists

the number of people travelling abroad continues to increase around the world despite a challenging economic environment.

Dubai is the top ranked city in the Middle East and outranked cities such as New York, Amsterdam, Rome and Beijing.

Abu Dhabi also emerged as the world’s fourth fastest growing destination.

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Mexico - Brazil

The New Mexico Economic Development Department’s office of international trade is offering New Mexico businesses an opportunity to explore international trade prospects in the Brazilian market.


Mexico – Ukraine import export business

Ukraine has got 21 bilateral agreements with Mexico since the 90's to the present.

These agreements cover different areas of cooperation, ensuring comprehensive development of relations between Ukraine and Mexico.

Mexico should look nations like Ukraine as logistics platform to launch their products to the markets between Asia and Eastern Europe,


ASEAN - Russia bilateral trade.

in 2010 that leaders of ASEAN and Russia agreed to raise their commercial relations to a new level of cooperation.

Russia and China have been always, historically, good trading partners of ASEAN.

Russia's goal is to join to these integration processes of this partnership, ASEAN, in the new single market.


Jobs in Internet

Silicon Valley, powered by such tech giants as Google, Apple and Facebook has added thousands of jobs and billions of wealth to the USA’s economy,

but not only caused by Silicon Valley, also tourism, and even the battered construction industry, have collaborated in the increasing of jobs.

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Nigeria business opportunities for U.S companies

The Federal Republic of Nigeria is the largest economic powerhouse of West Africa and the continent's most populous country, with Abuja (capital) and Lagos, mainly as shopping centers.

Although per capita income of Nigeria is still limited, Nigeria is a good place to invest, despite the limitations of some import duties, using Nigeria a policy of tariff and non tariff barriers, being the import duties, the second item of income for the country, after oil exports, high demanded by U.S. (in its energy strategy change) China, Brazil, UK, and India, which are their best business partners, forgetting its neighboring countries of Africa, as potential customers and suppliers.

Actually USA is keen to expand much more trade relations with Nigeria

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South Africa and UK: international trade

The British Government has also shifted to a foreign policy more geoeconomic, for greater commercial orientation at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, to more dynamic bilateral relations and global governance policy more proactive.

The Government has made clear his lack of confidence in the EU as a vehicle to achieve the economic interests of his country abroad.

A dynamic and emerging Commonwealth offers a solution to UK

now, South Africa plans to double its trade with the UK and become a gateway for European companies looking to establish bases in Africa.

UK in key projects in healthcare and acid mine drainage, with more work in the energy and water sectors to come.

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Germany- Japan. Bilateral relations.

bilateral trade between Japan and Germany is not high, as they are more competing economies than interdependent economies.

But for SMEs of foreign trade, there may be many different reasons that encourage them to do business well in Germany, if they are Japanese, or in Japan, if they are Germans.

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