Business in Turkey – Colombia, UAE – Africa...(Sylodium)

Philippines – Vietnam import export

PHillipines is the world's largest rice importer.

Vietnam is the biggest rice supplier to the Philippines,

Manila's decision to maintain its high import tariff for another five years with Thailand obliged Philippines to increase its imports of rice.

Under the Asean Free Trade Agreement (Afta)

Manila does not have to abolish import tariffs on rice, because it classifies the commodity as a "highly sensitive good".

However, it has offered Thailand an annual rice-import quota, on which no tariff is imposed.

Manila is also negotiating rice quotas with Vietnam, Pakistan, India, China, the US, Australia, Canada and El Salvador.

Bangkok-Manila, for example.


Make business Thailand and Indonesia.


Can they really improve their commercial ties?

intra-area trade (trade between ASEAN members) is, relatively very limited, as countries involved in the project are more competitive than complementary.

But The non-trade barriers between Thailand and Indonesia are being lowered in investment and intellectual property rights protection,

Both are going to continue improving the economic cooperation in the agriculture (actually, because of the rice agreement, Thailand exports 300,000 tones a year to Indonesia), energy and tourism sectors.

Make business in Bangkok-Jakarta.

Make money in UAE-Africa.


Is UAE doing the necessary efforts to increase the trade?

Trade and investments increasing as UAE eyes the African markets

The emerging African countries ("African lions") and are Botswana, South Africa and Mauritius in black Africa, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Libya and Tunisia in Saharan Africa.

Africa’s status as the most promising market of the new millennium can never be underestimated.

The United Arab Emirates is working diligently to penetrate newer markets in the African continent. 

Trade between the United Arab Emirates and many African countries has been registering a steady growth in recent years.

a few years ago, UAE’s most important trading partner in Africa used to be South Africa. In recent years, UAE is diversifying the African countries towards Angola, Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia, and Tanzania

Make business in


Abu Dhabi-Dakar, for example.  


Turkey and Colombia. CIVETS countries

Ankara-Bogota. Cali-Istanbul... Civets countries...

Turkey has taken advantage of the European Union without full membership (signed in 1995), to increase its industrial production destined for exports, that allows it to manufacture for tariff-free sale throughout the EU market, while at the same time benefiting from EU-origin foreign investment into the country. 

But Turkey is looking for new allies in the international context. 

the best way to protect yourself is with a greater interdependence between emerging countries.

That is one of the reason of negotiations in FTA

Both, Turkey and Colombia are considered as CIVETS (Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey, South Africa)

 This list is comparable to the Next Eleven. 

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Italy – Thailand bilateral trade.

The Italian Department of International Trade Promotion, tell us the number of Italian companies interested in investing and setting up their food productions are increasing apart the auto industries (Brembo and Fiat) bases in Thailand’s, given Thailand is an important gateway to other ASEAN countries.

Bangkok-Rome, Business

Korea- Peru. Free Trade Agreement.

Seoul-Lima. Imports and Exports have increased.

Korea’s exports to Peru specially in cars and color TVs.

Peru is a rich country in mining, fishing and farming, and its exports to Korea have increased very much, but Peru has not established an industry that generates added value for lack of markets and capital, but the signing of the FTA could give Peru precisely these missing elements.  

Latin America is emerging as South Korea’s “second emerging market” in Asia.

Due to a similar trade deal, Korea’s trade with Chile has jumped 4.6 times since the agreement took effect in 2004. 

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Seoul-Lima, bilateral trade

for example.