Caribbean business: Connecticut - Jamaica flights non-stop.

Jetliner lifts off from central Connecticut's Bradley International Airport on a non-stop Jamaica flight, its seats filled with homegoers and tourists eager to soak up the balmy Caribbean island's good vibrations.

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Iraq is the third largest export of Turkey

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Iraq is in third place in terms of Turkey’s largest export markets, depending on the data. Turkish food exports to Iraq enhanced 36.8 percent to $1.93 billion in the same period. This figure makes up nearly 23 percent of the total agricultural exports of Turkey, $8.46 billion. Most of the food exports to Iraq go to northern Iraq. Work to avoid any possible difficulties in the Iraqi market, which has an important place in Turkey’s food product exports, is ongoing.

The total exports to Iraq between January and July increased 37.2 percent year-on-year reaching $5.96 billion.

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Qatar was classified as the most competitive economy in the Middle East

Doha stays the most competitive economy in the Middle East,

Switzerland, Singapore or Sweden are the other countries in the top of competitiveness,

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EU Relations with the Republic of Tunisia

Make business between European countries and TUnisia

The EU seeks to develop particular close relationship to Tunisia, its geographical neighbour, and to support Tunisia’s economic and political reforms.

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40 percent of jobs in Washington come from international trade.

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In all bilateral relationships,

As an Asian gateway to the United States, Washington state has been cashing in big-time on its important ties to China, which now ranks as the state’s top trading partner, followed by Canada, Japan and South Korea.

Exports to China have increased the incredible figure 230 percent since 2004, although this is only “the tip of the iceberg” knowing the Chinese market and the huge opportunities, while imports flowing through the state’s ports on their way to other U.S. destinations have resulted in thousands of new jobs, across nearly every sector of the economy, from aerospace and agriculture to technology and tourism.

To create tens of thousands of additional jobs and boost the state’s fortunes even more, is necessary  adopting a new “international competitive strategy”  (the number  reached mostly by happenstance), in response to growing threats.

Further, Washington has been lucky to have big-name global companies like Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks and Costco.

WASHINGTON-Beijing business


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