China and Iran to increase trade to $600 in next decade

Iran and China agreed to expand bilateral ties and increase trade to $600 billion in the next 10 years, 

"Iran had a relationship both politically and economically with China and Russia for the last ten years in ways that it hasn't had with Europe. So it’s quite natural to see it opening up first to these countries."

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Afghanistan exports to India

India, and Afghanistan inside the SAARC countries

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New Zealand and Australia: Single Economic Market

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Under the Single Economic Market concept, the Australian and New Zealand Governments are intensifying efforts to remove regulatory barriers to firms operating in both markets. The aim is creeating a more seamless trans-Tasman (  adjective used primarily in Australia and New Zealand, which signifies an interrelationship between both countries) business environment in patents, trade marks, plants regime, consumer and telecommunication laws in the context of global business today. It promotes open, fair and effective markets, which will benefit New Zealand and Australian  businesses and consumers.

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India, Turkey close to start FTA negotiations.

New Delhi-Ankara business.

in 2011 both the sides had a bilateral trade of $4.09 billion, out of which Indian exports accounted for $3.62 billion, while Turkish exports were only at $0.477 billion.

India's exports to Turkey include petroleum products, vaccines, cotton yarn, organic dyes, denim, steel, granite, antibiotics, carpets, tobacco, cars, sesame seed, TV CRTs, mobile handsets, clothing and apparel, tractors and aluminium.

In turn Turkey's exports to India include poppy seeds, auto components, marble, textile machinery, denim, carpets, cumin seeds, copper ores and concentrates, steel, gold, silver and jewellery.

To further enhance bilateral trade, India and Turkey should start negotiations for signing a free trade agreement. 

The FTA will also help bring down high import duties and will also allow Indian companies to export to European Union countries as Turkey  have a duty free agreement and Customs Union with EU.

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Inter-Korean trade at highest point despite restrictions

The amount of trade between the two Koreas hit a record high last year even though only the Kaesong Industrial Complex (KIC) has been operational.

According to the Korea International Trade Association (KITA), the amount of exports to the North from the South rose 11 percent to $12.61 billion and imports increased 20 percent to $14.52 billion last year.

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