How AI and IoT between China and Africa will help drive a new world

Are not Chinese – Africans relations the key to change how we see the world?

Some experts say that China needs the U.S. surplus more than the U.S. needs China’s trade and finances. And that is why the trade war will not happen. Because China has already lost it?

Really do you think so? 

Today, #USA should wake up because Africa and Latin America are preferring the Chinese’s investment that enters without that democratic hypocrisy and without asking for political explanations, only economic ones.

Meanwhile, Will China Weaponize Social Media? 

We think, that China – Africa relations, are key, to change to a new Order World. 

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Gamification and the human role in Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the hot topic among manufacturing companies right now. With the movement seemingly wrapped up in taking automation to extremes, attendant concerns about employment in manufacturing have come to the fore. Calum MacRae of just-auto talked to the CEO of leading2lean, Keith Barr, about their differentiated approach to 4.0 which seeks to put the human in the driving seat.

just-auto: Tell me about your company and its genesis.

Keith Barr: The company started in 2010, and really was born from one of my business partners working with Toyota for four years and living with the Toyota production system in his plant. What he tried to do was exactly what Toyota does in its factories in Japan and it didn't work as well. So what he discovered was we're more an individualistic society and there has to be some form of personal connection and personal accountability in order to drive the right behaviour.

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China – Africa Artificial Intelligence.

Chinese President Xi Jinping Brought A New Armored Limousine With Him To Africa

Xi’s use of the type in Africa would all but confirm this observation. Pictures show, unsurprisingly, that the Chinese president’s N501 has heavy armored windows and doors. It would have to have various additional security and other features, including secure communications equipment to help the premier keep connected while on the move, as is the case with the cars other major world leaders use to get around

We don't know whether Hongqi is making any version of the N501, with or without the armor or other extras, available commercially or if the type is specifically for China's president. There is also a possibility that it uses a foreign designed chassis or a platform derived from one.

Meet the three African businesses to make the 2018 World Economic Forum Technology Pioneers’ list

About the Technology Pioneers

The World Economic Forum believes that innovation is critical to the future well-being of society and to driving economic growth. Launched in 2000, the Technology Pioneer community is composed of early-stage companies from around the world that are involved in the design, development and deployment of new technologies and innovations, and are poised to make a significant impact on business and society.

The Forum recognizes a limited number of companies each year as Technology Pioneers and incorporates them into its initiatives, activities and events, where they bring cutting-edge insights and novel perspectives to world-critical discussions. Companies selected in the past include: Airbnb, Bloom Energy, bluebird bio, Cyberdyne, Editas Medicine, Foundation Medicine, Google, Kaggle, Kickstarter, Mozilla, Palantir Technologies, Proteus Digital Health, Rethink Robotics, Scribd, Spotify, Twitter and Wikimedia.


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U.S. Prepares to Reduce Troops and Shed Missions in Africa

The plan by Gen. Thomas D. Waldhauser, the leader of United States Africa Command, follows an ambush in Niger last fall that killed four American soldiers and an attack in southwestern Somalia that killed another in June.

In an interview with The New York Times, General Waldhauser said his plan would help streamline the military’s ability to combat threats around the world — but not retreat from Africa.

None of the offshoots of those groups have directly attacked the United States from Africa. But 

Be part of the future ready generation of 2020 tapping the Belt and Road from China to Africa. 

Rexiology APP about for ex. China – Africa the key for a new World Order? Would yo dare to complete the Rules, the History, the Facts.. etc. That could be part of this new World Order?

Axis X – (Our) Ontology

x1 Essence: x2 Subjects x3 FACTS.  x4 Phenomena x5 New Class 

Axis Z. (Our) Potentiality

z1 Ideas. z2 Categories. z3 Entities z4 Here and now. z5 History

Axis Y. (Our) Reality

y1 Nature . y2 Principles. y3 Rules. y4 Structure.  y5 The Power,  The truth. The Tech. 

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How brand new science will manage the fourth industrial revolution

It's about artificial intelligence, data, and things like quantum computing and nanotechnology. Australian National University's 3A Institute is creating a new discipline to manage this revolution and its impact on humanity.

"It doesn't help if what you want to think about was what else was going on. Each one of those technological transformations was also about profound shifts in cultural practice, social structure, social organisations, profoundly different ideas about citizenship, governance, regulation, ideas of civil and civic society."

How AI and IoT will help drive the future 

DeepThinQ has already transformed the way certain products for the commercial and consumer sectors are designed. In Korea’s Incheon International Airport, Airport Guide Robots employ sophisticated ambient noise to improve voice recognition, enabling passengers to be better understood. The platform is an embodiment and extension of the company’s open philosophy – to provide the most powerful AI-IOT//IIOT solutions to customers through a strategy of open platform, open partnership and open connectivity.

ThinQ will completely change the way consumers use products because ThinQ products will learn about people to provide intelligent services, not the other way around.


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