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  1. Indonesia - Nigeria, Indonesia Seeks Stronger Trade Ties With Nigeria.
  2. Indonesian government has listed ways it would ensure stronger business ties and investments in the Nigerian economy.
  3. On the future of promising economic cooperation between the two countries, the deputy director of the Indonesian Trade Promotion Centre (ITPC) said the Indonesian government plans sending tailors and sailors based on Nigerian companies' demands.
  4. It will equally do joint technical cooperation in the oil and gas and shipping sectors to support Nigeria's cabotage law, and in furniture making.
  5. Among other cooperation are increases in non-oil export to Nigeria and continued plans for preferential trade agreement between both countries.


Population: 237.424.363 (4th)

GDP per cápita: $5.088 (117th) 


Population: 170.123.740 (7th)

GDP per cápita: $2.578 (143th)

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