international trade's system (not just Forex trading)

There will be so many IP addresses, so many devices, sensors, things that you are wearing, things that you are interacting with, that you won’t even sense it, as Internet would disappear.

So we won’t be able to be in all the business things will come

but we will be present in the basis of all them,

in the basis of businesses

the basic structure of business

so in any business this structure is,

Subject A – deal with Subjet B, in some place (from some city to another in the case of import export business) with something (product or service)

The cloud is also a place

The actors, places and things has their coordinates, so you can navigate in the structure to localize any business from different ways,

as if you were a spider looking for his food in the ordered web that feed you

Once we have ordered the international trade in the unique way can be organized

You can include in this basic structure, all international business that you desire

All apps that you can imagine and that will come, can be add in this basic structure being part of the total structure, so is much easiest localizated,

But we go beyond, we establish a System, not only one structure.

A structure, only can be considered as a System when is possible operate inside of it,

the way of operating: the actions (interactions) that the users do

Apart the obvious actions, trade (buy and sell) and the actions that many platforms have: comment, follow,

we have included

Alliance, so relevant in international trade

Barter, increasing its relevance each day


including thirds, (reference other actors for something concrete in a concrete business)

With these 3 actions, in this our virtual life in Sylodium, you can do business that you wouldn’t be able to do in real life, but with te goal to start to do them in real life,

is that to say

we don’t only represent the real international trade in internet, we reproduct international trade.

we allow users do another kind of businesses that wouldn’t be able to do without Sylodium, or in the real life at once,

Next new, you will have an example to understand us much better.

And this kind of businesses, circuit business, triangular operations, where crowfunding, or several alliances for some parts of any business, etc.

will be supported by users, by our collaborators, and by experts,

and from virtual life, will be made in real life, that feed again the virtual life, that again feeds the real life

Take a look to our coming 

Revolutionary system for international business in Internet