Make business in China – UK (Sylodium, import export)

Is not easy to criticize the British hypocrisy, because all of us, in greater or lesser extent, we are hypocrites, right?


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1  China, with more than 10 key cities with more than 7 million of inhabitants, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Ningbo, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Dongguan, Chengdu…    

2 UK, with more than 5 key cities in the world, London, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Sheffield, or Birmingham 

3 Conclusion, China - UK, involves about 50 relevant bilateral trade relationships between cities

London – Shanghai

Shenzhen – Manchester

Hong Kong – Birmingham….

All of them, the 80, and more, in Sylodium



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Imagine you become our Sylodium’s representing in UK, Searching in Sylodium potential businesses in UK. For example.

China – UK (import export business)

AD example, self-balancing electric unicycle.

Then, you can offer to this company the way to sell their products in UK.

You can get much Money from your searching inside the Web, if you are looking for potential business matches for Premium Users and Free Users, finding out in Sylodium’s ads, referencing them in the Global Contest Forum, and contact them offering them intermediation via Sylodium.

The reasonable commission should be starting 2 % over the total amount.

From this percentage.

80% per you if you become administrator in UK and 20 % for Sylodium.

We know that import export business, suppose some times big amounts of money.

Export to UK!!!


China – UK trade

The First Opium War (1839–42), the Anglo-Chinese War, happened due to a huge trade imbalance.

In order to solve the trade imbalance, the British East India Company began to auction opium grown on its plantations in India to sell it to Chinese in Exchange of silver.

In 1839 Lin Zexu abolished the Opium trade.

British government, used its naval and gunnery power to inflict a quick and decisive defeat. 

In 1842, the Treaty of Nankin granted an indemnity and extraterritoriality to Britain, the opening of five treaty ports, and the cession of Hong Kong Island 

The failure of the treaty to satisfy British goals of improved trade and diplomatic relations led to the Second Opium War (1856–60).

China and the UK were allies during World War II.

The UK and China were on opposing sides of the Cold War,

Now the table has turned and it is China in the ascendancy and it is Britain who is pandering to the Chinese.

The UK has stated that it will be the western country that is most open to China

UK becoming Beijing’s best friend in the west in exchange of billions of pounds of planned investment.

A visionary and strategic choice?



Potential synergies

Between The China-Britain Business Council and Sylodium

Between The Great Britain-China Centre with Sylodium


Make money in China – UK

a “golden era” of relations with the goal of

make China the second biggest trade partner of UK within 10 years.

“The Chinese economy is slowing down and it is changing its nature from an investment-driven growth economy to an economy that has to look to invest in other places,”

About 150 deals are expected to be sealed this week in areas such as healthcare, aircraft manufacturing and nuclear energy.

efforts to turn London into a key trading centre for China’s currency, the renminbi,




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The virus Slogan

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