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1.- Middle East, 21 countries, Greater Arab Free Trade Area: Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Arab Maghreb Union (5 countries) plus Cyprus, Iran, Israel.

2 .- SAARC, 7 countries, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. 

3.- Conclusion, SAARC – Middle East, involves 151 bilateral trade relationships, between cities

India – UAE business

Pakistan – Saudi Arabia business

Bangladesh – Turkey business

Iran - Nepal 

All of them, the 120 and more, in Sylodium



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India – Middle East

Nehru’s play in extending India’s in the Middle East and Persian Gulf (West Asia for Indians) was a masterstroke, perspective based on realism, rather than idealism.

Although trade between Egypt and India never flourished to the levels that both Nasser and Nehru had hoped.

the Nehru-Nasser dynamic has been the basis for India’s policy of strategically backing Arab states since then.

India also maintained good relations Syria.

Later, Manmohan Singh and now Narendra Modi have been in the same trend.

India’s became the only country to shift its High Commission from Kuwait to Basra in Iraq after Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait.

Today India’s political relationship with Middle East is more streamlined, clear and concise.

7 million Indians working in the region,

the oil trade is huge.

In security issue, India has two main working security understandings with Saudi Arabia and Qatar vs ISIS,

After Qatar and Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and UAE are also strengthening ties with India about security (and trade).



Imagine all synergies could happen between

The Indo- Middle East Chamber of Commerce

and the Asian Arab Chamber of Commerce 

with Sylodium,

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Balancing in the Middle East: India's relations with Iran, Israel

India might consider changing its stance on Palestine at the United Nations?

no further word about this

As India is keen on developing bilateral relations with Israel.

Bilateral trade between India and Israel has been about $6 billion.

A FTA is also being discussed.

India is Israel's largest buyer of defence equipment.

India continues to build relations with Iran, the main enemy of Israel.

but with India's emerge as a powerful country in the world, it can do business with other nations on its own terms.

So Israel accepts the relations between India and Iran

and Iran accepts the relations between India and Israel




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