Make money in Turkmenistan Tajikistan. (Sylodium, import and export)


Make business Turkmenistan Tajikistan

Turkmenistan pretends increasing energy exports to Tajikistan, as well as the import of agricultural and industrial products from Tajikistan, there is a mutual interest to improve cooperation in the field of light industry, especially in the textile industry, further, both countries,  may establish cooperation in the water industry, especially the export of drinking water to Turkmenistan.

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Ashgabat - Dushanbe for example.


China’s investment in US rises.

Chinese companies are investing more than ever in the US and creating lots of American jobs.

 Its cash-rich companies have expanded their presence in US in the past 10 years, interested in getting closer to the lucrative American market and tapping  US know-how.


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Make business in CHINA – INDIA

China wants to buy more from India to have a more balanced trade.

Both countries have formed joint working group (JWG) of senior officials that will identify and chart out the future direction of two-way trade and investment cooperation.

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New Delhi-Shanghai for example. 


The India-China Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ICCCI) 

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The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry mantain very good relationships with the Shipbuilding, Machinery and Marine Technology of Hamburg,

Dubai-Hamburg business

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Lebanon – EU business

Lebanon propels Arab-European trade ties

Lebanon can play an important role in strengthening Arab-European economic integration.

the promotion of Arab-European economic ties is key to addressing the challenges facing the MENA region.

European Investment in Lebanese small and medium firms and renewable energy projects through soft loans.

Baghdad-Beirut, Casablanca-Doha or any city of Middle East.

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Vietnam – Oceania Business

Vietnam needs to boost exports to Australia, New Zealand

A large volume of Vietnamese business cannot penetrate Australia and New Zealand due to their strict non-tariff barriers against imported products.

In order to promote export activities, companies need to improve the quality of their products.

Hanói- Sydney business



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