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1   SAARC, 7 countries, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. And relevant cities in the region as Kolkata, New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Karachi, Dhaka, Colombo, Sialkot…

2   Oceania PIF countries, 16 countries, Australia , New Zealand, plus 14 Pacific Islands. Fiji, Cook Islands, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, Niue, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu 

3 Conclusion, SAARC - PIF, involves 7 x 16 = 112 bilateral trade relationships

Pakistan - NZ

India – Australia

Mumbai - Sydney

Sialkot - Honiara

All of them, the 112, in Sylodium



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India – Nepal


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We know that import export business, suppose some times big amounts of money.

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India reaches into the South Pacific just to counter China?

India hosted leaders from 14 Pacific Island countries at the second Forum for India-Pacific Islands Cooperation (FIPIC)

“the centre of gravity of global opportunities and challenges are shifting to the Pacific and Indian Ocean region.” Modi said.

the small Pacific countries are very important to India as part of Indian efforts to build defence and strategic ties in the Asia-Pacific allied with USA in order to counter China.

China has intervened in the South Pacific región providing a mix. of aid, construction, commercial and trade inducements and loans to PIF nations.

Without mentioning the huge trade ties with Australia and New Zealand, despite being both allied or USA. 

India wants a satellite-monitoring centre to overcome a current “blind spot” whenever its satellites pass over the Pacific—a “shortcoming” that forces it to depend on Australia or the US, limiting its strategic applications.

The India’s push into the Pacific so far has the tacit support of USA, Australia and New Zealand.

India into a full regional anti-China alliance.

The PIF countries don’t want be used in the geopolitics of “big powers” in the region.

Neither want to be “exploited” by other countries

For example, Fiji intends continuing doing business with China as until now.



Australia India Business Council

Imagine all synergies could happen between the AIBC, and Sylodium, if you provide trading with them or similar institutions, the rewards for all of us, and for you, will be very important.



Two-way trade in goods and services has grown in value from $6.8 billion in 2004 to $14.8 billion in 2014.

The goal of US$40 billion by end of year 2016 won’t be possible.

Australia mainly exports to India,


non-monetary Gold

Copper Ore

agricultural goods

India's chief exports to Australia.


precious and semi-precious stones

textiles and clothing, and services 

Over 97,000 Indian students enrolled in Australia in 2008

the Australia-India Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement negotiations were launched in 2011. There have been eight rounds of negotiations until now.

We know, India, the world's largest democracy, A market of 1.2 billion people.

youthful population, diversified economy, good growth trajectory

presents significant opportunity for Australian business, and for any other business of any country in the world.




we can say that we have bring the future of international trade to present in internet just representing the reality.

not only for our "connecting - countries/cities" system

but also for our next step

The connections must include also the actors

Each relationship of actors, will be a page for business,

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Sales on line

Forum - Game


What is international trade focused to the future

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