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what is best pact between blocs, with big or little economic gap?

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1 Latin America, 21 countries, South America, – Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela – Caribbean: Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Central America, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama. 600 million people             

2  All Africa, are 54 countries, Africa's Tripartite Free Trade Agreement. COMESA, SADC, EAC, towards African Union. Aprox. 1.000 million inhabitants.

3 Conclusion, Latin America - Africa, involves more than 1.134 bilateral trade relationships

and how many individual relationships could be,

Argentina – Ethiopia

Sao Paulo - Cairo

Colombia – South Africa…..

All of them, the 70, in Sylodium



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the Global South, beyond the developing world.

As a result of slavery we can speak of the Afro-Caribbean, the Afro-Latino,

In Caribbean and in Latin America the African presence is primarily due to the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade.

between 1450 and 1900, about 15 million Africans arrived in the plantations of America.

35% in Brazil.

why the political, cultural, and historical ties between both spheres are not developed?

Africa’s relationship with the Caribbean is much better than with Latin America, as if Latin America were not aware of Africa, and Africa were not aware of Latin America.

Most Latin Americans know misconceptions and stereotypes about Africa.

Most Africans know very little of Latin America, except soccer teams.

In recent years, improvements in telecommunications and the internationalization of the world is helping to bridge these gaps.

Sylodium will help South – South Trade

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African Union - LAIA

The first ASA Nigeria in 2006

The second ASA Venezuela in 2009.

the Third (ASA) was held in Malabo 2013

This event enjoyed the participation of 63 governments

Strategies and Mechanism to Promote South-South Cooperation.

“an authentic and permanent link of joint work”

Trade between Africa and South America has increased significantly over the last decade from $US7.2 billion in 2002 to $US39.4 in 2011.



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