Make money US – Brazil, China – Iran… (Sylodium, All bilateral trade)

Make money in US – Brazil,

China – Iran… (Sylodium, All bilateral trade)


US internet retailers are more likely than their UK counterparts to target Brazilian and Chinese markets in the next year.

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Make money in USA - Brazil

Make business in UK – China…

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US buzz about domestic Spanish-speaking market

UK sets sights closer to home whereas US marketers most interested in Brazil and China

Tools of the trade: social media and website translation fundamental to moving into new international e-commerce markets

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Language, cultural and local knowledge are the new barriers to entry

Singapore - Myanmar.

The Singapore's delegation to Myanmar included entrepreneurs from the information technology (IT), manufacturing, construction, hospitality, trade and real estate industries,

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A business matching conference with the Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI).

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Singapore (Singapore) – Naypyidaw (Myanmar). 

US, China, Iran.

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The US exempted China from its unilateral sanctions over imports of Iranian oil reflected "China's power"

Make business in China – Iran

China is Iran's third-largest oil importer,

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Washington (USA) – Beijing (China)

Tehran – Shanghai.

China – India

China and India are raising economic and military powers with troubled borders, but internal security challenges, domestic inequalities, and incomplete economic reforms, are generating a lot of problems.

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the rise of China and India — particularly China’s growing relative power — is causing alarm in Asia and the US.

Some American view China as a competitor that Washington should ‘hedge’ against, and they view India as a natural security partner whose power should be enhanced.

China and India will present the US with sustained challenges as well as opportunities in the coming years.

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Netherlands – Ghana business

Rabobank Group of the Netherlands, say Ghana is the major step to reaching the African market.

US - Philippines-Thailand,

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The United States Department of Commerce International Trade Administration's (ITA) U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service (USandFCS), in conjunction with USFCS staff in Manila and USFCS staff in Bangkok organized a Renewable Energy Trade in Manila, Philippines and Bangkok, Thailand - USA business, USA - Philippines business.

 Biomass/Waste-to-Energy/Biogas. Geothermal. Hydropower.  Wind power. Solar power.

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