Sylodium is so general, so global, that despite having much more potential than the rest of platforms, can’t compete with big platforms, that are much worst organized than us.

So we have to start (being so general) to focus in niches at first until we get the enought capital to spread, and dominate the business in Internet.

about niches

for ex.

small companies with high R&D starting export business

barter just for fish exchange meat, etc

Take a look to the change of Forum Business Contest

About Networking we will focus not just to virtual networking, but to real networking in some cities, (In Querétaro, Mexico, we have the person to start with trade events)

About Social Networks, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube…

We will introduce a very simple game,

not to catch visits to Web, but just for branding Sylodium,

very briefly,

Players can choose the 3 countries they want their country to have as allied

the 3 that not

3 yes

3 not

when somebody would get the complete bilateral chain around the world (100 countries) and have more coincidences that the rest, he wins the prize, him and the person who invited him.