The BDI's collapse anticipates new global crisis? (Sylodium)


The BDI Collapsed To An All-Time Record Low

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Not even during the darkest moments of the last financial crisis did the Baltic Dry Shipping Index drop this low

the dramatic slowdown in global trade,

the Federal Reserve is so confident in USA’s “economic recovery” that they raise interest rates. 

are we are heading directly into another major economic crisis?

the Baltic Dry Index is down more than 60 percent over the past 12 months. 

the meaning of Baltic Dry Shipping Index, just in case not familiar to you.

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Japan-Korea involved in Canada's global plan.

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Canada recognizes that Canadian exports to Japan and South Korea are vital to Canada's future prosperity.

Canada continues to achieve tremendous progress in trade, investment and scientific innovation.

Canada is aggressively pursuing deals with countries in the Asia-Pacific region to give Canadian companies an opportunity to compete in the fastest-growing region in the world.


The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan


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India-Asean business fair to promote tie-ups

This trade fair will throw up avenues for enhancing trade and investments across sectors.

It would serve as a platform for exploring innovative approaches to promote trade, investment, joint ventures and strategic market tie-ups.

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Malaysia and China pushing for progress in international trade.

Malaysia would do whatever it takes to deepen its economic relations with China and bring in more Chinese investments in Education, electronics, biomedicine, telecommunications,  food processing, or healthcare tourism.

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