The international business system. Sylodium.

when interaction increases
the Actions, not only relations and categories
will be part of the search engine, of the structure, of the system
is that to say
buy, sell, barter, Alliance, including thirds,

and others could derive from those ones
rental, transport, employment, partnership, rental, loan, insurance, guarantee, deposit, agency, or commission will be part of the search engine, to segment even more, and will be a page by themselves, to multiplicate the options of business.

"I’m an Australian company that sell iron ore to a Nigerian company or that offer a commission to a Nigerian dealer."

This is a business phrase

that can be expressed choosing each part, is that to say
our system, is like the essence of business language
the basic structure where you can operate (a system)
that it has its consequence in the whole business and each business part, in the visibility, Internet, and in the internal SEO structure, so can be localized in the right way, as is ordered in the right way, and people can interact in the whole or in the part, or propose any other business, as all is interwoven, but rightly interwoven.

Our system, is like the essence of business language

the basic structure


The phrase by parts (by the whole, tap to ad your business)



Iron ore








and also as Premium User

Australian user, offer partership to those who loan projects in Nigeria

another phrase that can be expressed, as any other in the most basis and fundamental way, in Sylodium System

In the same way, the subcategories, will be divided in things (now in tags you have access to items, or concrete services) by the demand of users

The actors, will be divided in relevant parts, by the demand of users. 

From dealers:

brokers, tenders, traders.....

From employees or public

age, knowledge, experience

from companies

multinational, big, SME's, etc

this is like talk directly to SEO with your ad

This will be like to see business that you didn't imagine before