Tourism Jobs 4.0 from China to Africa?

African looking for job in Tourism 4.0 with Chinese and/or Oceania?

Many travel industry executives are optimistic that new technologies such as artificial intelligence can make their businesses smarter and more efficient while plenty of travel industry employees wonder if they’ll eventually be replaced by robots and self-driving cars.

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What does it take to transform the African continent into a space of development possibilities?

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The Future of Jobs in the World 4.0?

Travel executives love to say that their employees are at the heart of their brands and they are on the front lines of the guest and visitor experience. Employees will toast to that notion, but hope they won’t have to tussle with a robot or virtual assistant to prove their worth.

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Future Tourism China – Africa 4.0?

In 2008, Chinese visiting the Africa Continent accounted for 3% of their total numbers in outbound travel. But in 2017, outbound travel rose to over 10%, representing 11.3 millionthat had travelled to Africa.

While many love traveling abroad to go shopping or to experience exotic cultures, history and food, a growing number of Chinese tourists are looking for an adrenaline rush via extreme sports, whether soaring through the sky in Vietnam or exploring the ocean in Thailand, or any of a host of opportunities becoming evermore available.

South Africa is known as an ideal holiday destination for outdoor adventures of all kinds, ranging from surfing, skydiving and bungee jumping, to safaris and even shark cage diving 

ith China's millennial generation increasingly looking for more unique and immersive experiences that others might not yet have tried, South African Tourism hopes to strike this chord with a new focus on authentic cultural and people-to-people experiences, which makes our Rainbow Nation so uniquely warm and welcoming

China’s current account surplus didn’t rise by anywhere near as much as China’s goods balance.* The reason, it turned out, was that China revised its methodology for calculating tourism imports, and the tourism deficit (travel in the balance of payments) soared, partially offsetting a growing goods surplus.

Isettndeed, it is inevitable that many more Chinese will journey to African destinations and their arrivals will keep rising to unprecedented numbers. For Africa-based hotels, hospitality or lifestyle establishments vying for a slice of the enormous influx of Chinese leisure or business visitors, they must first answer two key questions, “Has the website catered for browsing in the Chinese language?” If ‘yes’… “Are content reader-friendly, inspiring and equally engaging?” 

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In a new working paper, Anna Wong of the Federal Reserve Board’s international staff shows China’s current account surplus likely did jump by more than reported in 2014 and 2015.

China’s pre-2015 methodology seems to have undercounted China’s tourism imports. It thus slightly overstated China’s 2003 to 2013 current account surplus. But China’s post-2014 methodology almost certainly overstates China’s tourism imports (and its overall travel deficit). It thus understates China's true current account surplus.

A survey shows a record high number of Chinese respondents—more than 60%—who plan to travel in-depth in 2018. “In-depth travels” is a term used by travel websites in China to describe the type of trips that involve more unconventional journeys beyond the typical tourist experience. For the very first time, Africa moved up to first place as the top in-depth travel destination Chinese travelers hope to visit in 2018, dethroning the ever-popular Japan and Australia

Among the destinations in Africa Chinese are most interested in Morocco, Tunisia, South Africa, Namibia, Madagascar and Tanzania,

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ASEAN – AFRICA Tourism 4.0

'Thailand 4.0' a boon for MICE tourism

A spate of economic reforms and infrastructure projects are being rolled out under 'Thailand 4.0', a large-scale government strategy that aims to elevate the country’s development model. Mega projects within the strategy include a submarine cable network that connects Thailand, Hong Kong and China, an electric rail system in Bangkok, and the expansion of major airports including Suvarnabhumi Airport, Don Mueang International Airport and Chiang Mai International Airport.

Malaysia – Africa

Thailand - Africa

Singapore – Africa

Oceania – Africa….

in All bilateral trade.

The Thai Government needs to have SME 4.0 to be materialised soon, Somkid said. In particular, the ministry will join force with Federation of the Thai Industries, provincial chambers of commerce and local education institutions to set up 11 industry transformation centres (ITCs) nationwide and 76 small ITCs in industrial areas as an effort to upgrade SME production and management.

Cartoon Network has created its own fully-branded ship, in partnership with cruise management company Oceania Group and Turner. The boat is set to make its maiden voyage from Singapore in late 2018.

Business leaders and policy makers engage at the ASEAN-Australia Special Summit

The one-day forum addressed key topics related to ASEAN-Australia economic partnership, including on tourism, digital transformation in services, advanced manufacturing, Industry 4.0, agri-food and energy supply chains, and infrastructure.

Tourism 4.0 Malaysia can be exported to AFRICA?

Tourism Malaysia has partnered with Tencent Holdings to unveil the Malaysia Smart Tourism 4.0 initiative. As part of the partnership, Tencent will offer Malaysia with a digital ecosystem to reach out to the 1.4 billion Chinese population through precision marketing methods.

Malaysia and Tencent to Launch “Digital Tourism Ecosystem”

 Tourism Malaysia, who is launching, “Malaysia Smart Tourism 4.0 Powered by Tencent,” a new digital-oriented tourism initiative that will include the launch of a “digital tourism ecosystem.” However, representatives from Tourism Malaysia and Tencent were vague about the specifics of the initiative and the forthcoming digital ecosystem.

Malaysia Smart Tourism 4.0 allows both current and new industry players to implement digital technologies to enhance tourism offerings and improve tourist experiences. 

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It is anticipated that the new initiative will help grow Malaysia’s share of the China market to a potential of 8 million tourist arrivals in 2020.

The Malaysian Smart Tourism 4.0 initiative is the first step in a 10-year “tourism road-map” for the country. Without clear details on what the digital ecosystem will look like, it is unknown how the platform will operate in practice. However, the stated goal is to facilitate the implementation of digital technologies in Malaysian tourism businesses to drive Chinese tourism to the country.

The Malaysia Smart Tourism 4.0 initiative could result in higher income revenue for the national economy, the creation of more job opportunities and new businesses.

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What you need to lead in the Industry 4.0

being a follower or being a leader?

Sustaining hospitality – embracing the Industrial revolution 4.0

The hospitality sector is facing challenges unlike any other industry; with markets developing, economies fluctuating and consumer preferences evolving. If hospitality businesses don’t grow apace, they’ll have obsolescence built into them. It’s essential that the tourism industry embraces the Industrial Revolution 4.0 to accommodate the digital advances that will make sustainability a reality.

Make it easier for your guests

There are many hospitality businesses that are short-sighted when it comes to accepting payment options. For example, offering Visa or Mastercard as the only options (or EFT, for that matter), can limit you. 

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