UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia (Sylodium, global business)

Campaign Against Arms Trade calls for suspension of the arms trade between countries

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In EU – Middle East

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China slowdown cuts further into Indonesia's coal sector.

Beijing-Jakarta business

Indonesia is the world's largest exporter of thermal coal used by power stations and it provides nearly half of China's coal imports

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Beijing-Jakarta for example.

Trade relations between Israel and China go ahead

China (Shenzhen)- Israel (Tel Aviv)

Three business-to-business agreements involving  Israeli and Shenzhen-based hi-tech companies were signed.

Shenzhen is the hi-tech capital of China,

 Shenzhen signed a sister- city agreement with Haifa,

Tel Aviv already has a sister-city relationship with Beijing.

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Chile exports lots of fruit to China. 

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Santiago-Shanghai business

China overcame the United States to become Chile's largest trading partner.

Food exports from Chile to China saw a strong increase of 35 percent year-on-year, note the South American country's position as one of the major fruit suppliers to China.

Chilean cherry exports accounted for 75 percent of China's total cherry imports,  plums accounted for 71 percent; grapes, 58 percent; and apples, 54 percent.

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EU is fixed in West China market.

China: International shopping City.

China wants to add another name to the list of elegant cities,  Milan,  London,  Paris. Now,  you are welcome to International Bag City, Pinghu.

Karohy Shi's  action has consisted in bringing  together retailers, wholesalers, traders, raw material suppliers, designers and service providers into one location - with the aim of reducing costs and export dependency and developing home markets and brands.

in this coastal town, Pinghu,  about 100 kilometers from Shanghai a $236 million trading center that is more than a place for foreign fashionistas to find the perfect purse.

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Paris-Shanghai. Milan-London… for example.

Made in US and sold in China.

New York-Shanghai import export business

Watermark Designs is an example of company from Brooklyn (NY) that is making luxury plumbing parts and exporting them to China. Not everything is made in China to be sold in US.

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