Ukraine and Russia have banned food imports each other. (Sylodium)

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Ukraine Ramps Up Trade War With Russia: Ukraine Bans Russian Food Imports In Tit-For-Tat

“The trade war between Ukraine and Russia is heating up. The Ukrainian governmentannounced Saturday it was introducing a ban on several Russian food imports, includingvegetables, meat, fruit and fish, as well as dairy and alcohol products”

Do you agree with us that the order of the losers in this conflict are?

First Ukraine

Second Russia

Third EU

Fourth USA

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India and Pakistan Try Again

“As they clasped hands while walking down the red carpet at the Lahore airport recently, Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan and Narendra Modi of India looked more like close friends than the leaders of two countries whose tense relations have long been a threat to regional stability”

Good news for the neighbours countries, now that there are more trade Wars than army Wars in the world no? 

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Interests of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh diverge about TPP

Outgoing Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter has told:

 The TPP will expand market access and boost wages in multiple industries

In Pittsburgh, Mayor Bill Peduto has told

“It doesn’t seem to be a fair trade-off. There hasn’t been an international trade agreement that has benefitted from Pittsburgh, and this one in particular — with the steel industry on its last breath — isn’t going to help...Pittsburgh is still a manufacturing center so I can’t support [the trade deal]. I’ve seen several other international treaties hurt the city and this absolutely would, too."

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Saudi Arabia Cuts Ties With Iran Amid Fallout From Cleric’s Execution

 Saudi Arabia cut diplomatic ties with Iran on Sunday and gave Iranian diplomats 48 hours to leave the kingdom, marking a swift escalation in a strategic and sectarian rivalry that underpins conflicts across the Middle East.

Are bad or good news for West countries a Middle East more fragmented?

Saudi Arabia – Iran Business

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