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Make business in Ukraine – Russia via Sylodium

We know that many people along history tap the conflicts to make money.

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If the business is good for both parts

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You can test possibilites from Ukraine to Russia, or from Russia to Ukraine, via Sylodium, via Internet.

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Make money in Ukraine – Russia

In 1920 Ukraine was overrun by Soviet Russia

during 1990s immediately upon the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Russia and Ukraine founded constituent republics,

Russia has an embassy in Kiev and consulates in Kharkiv, Lviv, and Odessa. Ukraine has an embassy in Moscow and consulates in Rostov-on-Don, Saint Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Tyumen and Vladivostok.

Ukraine is the world's eighth largest exporter of armaments.

70% of Ukraine's defence-related exports went to Russia until the recent conflict of 2014,

In March 2014, the Russian Federation annexed Crimea following a disputed referendum where most of people desire belong to Russia not to Ukraine.

Later it came the spread with pro-Russian "People's Republics" being proclaimed in Donetsk and Luhansk.

greatly escalated tensions in the relationship between Russia and major Western powers, especially relations between Russia and the US

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Make money in Ukraine – RUSSIA

Ukraine has launched its first trade dispute at the WTO against Russia ( 6th that received Russia since joined WTO 3 years ago) with a complaint about restrictions on Ukrainian-made railway equipment, that have been suspended without any explanation and new applications have been rejected,

Locomotives, rolling stock and other railway equipment were Ukraine’s most valuable export to Russia in 2011.

But the value fell by one-sixth in 2012, a further one-third in 2013, and then another two-thirds in 2014.

It could be a good momento to think in different ways to do business between Russia and Ukraine.


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