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  1. US and East Africa, US keen to ease trade hurdles in East Africa.
  2. The US government has reaffirmed its commitment to trade in Tanzania and the rest of East African region.
  3. The United States has teamed up with major donors to support Trademark East Africa which is supporting infrastructure and reforms across the region. 
  4. Trademark East Africa is improving border posts and monitoring non-tariff barriers, amongst other things.
  5. The US Secretary of Treasury met with government officials to discuss opportunities and challenges of doing business in Tanzania.
  6. Tanzania has natural resources, including wildlife and natural gas, and a burgeoning consumer market which makes the country one of the most exciting destinations for frontier investment. 
  7. Tanzania can use its position as a regional trade hub in East Africa’s economic integration to reap the benefits of belonging to a fast-growing and promising market.


Population: 315.907.000 (3rd)

GDP per cápita: $49.922 (6th)


Population: 44.929.002 (40th) 

GDP per cápita: 1.567 (163th) 

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