China USA (By Sylodium, international trade directory)

In order to improve the Chinese people’s diet, China has massively expanded its dairy industry. Milk consumption has tripled in 10 years and is expected to increase another 50 percent by 2015. This means millions of tons of cattle-feed will be needed to feed increased number of cows. But despite China’s vast landmass, pasture-land is relatively scarce; so the Chinese are buying alfalfa grass from the USA. Importing cattle feed from halfway around the world may seem inefficient, but the trade imbalance between the two countries has made it cost-effective. How? For every two shipping containers of Chinese-made goods unloaded at the California ports of Long Beach, one container used to return to China empty. Now these empty containers are filled with alfalfa. Sylodium (global import export directory) you can advertise for free your company or your project, at the intersection of cities that you want, for example; Beijing - Washington - Los Angeles or any city around the World.

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