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ASEAN has a total of 617 million people, behind only China and India.

Its GDP totals more than US $ 3,7 trillion, behind only China 18,3 and Japan 4,7 in Asia

ASEAN countries have restored from financial crisis 1997-98 with a strong economic growth and a rapid rise in middle class.

Japan is ASEAN’s second largest trade partner country with total bilateral trade amounting to US$263 billion in 2012

Japan is one of the ASEAN’s largest sources of FDI at US$122 in 2012. 

ASEAN is the second largest trading partner for Japan, following China.


A BIT OF HISTORY, (about wars, but our links are about business)

Japan Empire, from 1890 until 1947.

the First Sino-Japanese War, 1894 - 1895.

The Russo-Japanese War 1904 - 1905.

Korea under Japanese protectorate in 1910

Japan - Germany declared war on 1914, and later conquered many Pacific islands

With little resistance, Japan invaded and conquered Manchuria in 1931.

Japan invaded China in 1937,

Japan controlled all ASEAN countries except Thailand.

the Axis Powers. 1940, Imperial Japan signed the Tripartite Pact with Nazi Germany in Europe, Imperial Japan in Asia, and Fascist Italy in North Africa.

after the second world war, The American occupation in Japan to rename the Empire of Japan as Japan (1947)

later, US was interested in supporting economicaly and politicaly to Japan

in the 1990s, ASEAN incorporated Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar as member countries, more close to China that to USA

ASEAN-Japan relationship is now horizontal relationship from the former vertical one.

ASEAN-Japan cooperation is not about Japan’s support for ASEAN, but is focused of dealing with stability and prosperity in the region as well as in global issues.

the 14th ASEAN-Japan Summit in 2011. towards “strengthening political-security cooperation in the región” due to the South China Sea conflict

Japan relations with China and Korea are not very good so ASEAN is the Japan's focus in Asia as China is increasing its power in whole Asia while Japan is declining.



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