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  1. El Salvador and Sri Lanka, discuss ways to enhance trade.
  2. The mission explained the need to increase trade with Sri Lanka.
  3. The statistics shows that trade between the two countries are at a very minimal level.
  4. Sri Lanka's total trade with El Salvador just stood around US$ 1 million in 2013 with the trade balance favouring Sri Lanka.
  5. El Salvador mostly buys tea, spices, animal or vegetable fats and oil, edible fruit and nuts from Sri Lanka.
  6. The mission stressed the importance of building links between the business bodies of the two countries to help explore two-way trade and investment opportunities.

El Salvador

Population: 6.134.000 (99th)

GDP per cápita: $7.549 (101th)

Sri Lanka

Population: 20.277.597 (57th)

GDP per cápita: 5.582 (107th)    

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