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A challenge to manage coming new business routes related with Industry 4.0, the new order of the world with emerging Africa?

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8 Omni der Richtantenne leistungsstarke Handy-Störsender GSM GPS CDMA 3G 4G LOJACK WiFi Auto Jammer

Tragbare störsender handy Produktbeschreibung: 8 Omni der Richtantenne leistungsstarke Handy-Störsender Kanäle Rf-Ausgangsfrequenz kann es alles Handysignal aber auch GPS, Das Ziel, das Signal staut, umfaßt aber begrenzt nicht auf Wifi, CDMA, GSM,…

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Agroships (Revolutionary Patent)

This is a newly developed method of farming that allows delivery of fresh vegetables to locations with climate conditions that do not favour local production, e.g. in The United Arab Emirates. To be more precise, we are referring to Aeroponic Cultivation…

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