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AOQUN Filter Brush for Fish Pond Filter System

AOQUN Filter Brush for Fish Pond Filter System

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Miss Huang from Beijing has been worrying about their fish pond filtration system because the water quality test results are not ideal after the water filtered by their fish pond filtration system. After inspection, it was found that the filter cotton actually filtered out most of the garbage, but some dust-level garbage went to the next layer with the water. Miss Huang found us to ask if it can provide a good filter brush?

We recommended our filter brush to Miss Huang. The cross shape structure of the filter brush is easy to hang the membrane. When the water passes through the mucous membrane filter brush, the dust in the water will be stuck. When the filter brush is combined, the water seems to flow easily. In fact, when the water passes through the filter brush, there is no smooth path no matter where it flows. Water must go through the wrong complex brush to reach the next layer.

Miss Huang accepted our suggestion to replace all of their filter cotton with a filter brush. A month later, Miss Huang sent us a thank-you letter saying that our recommended filter brush effectively solved their water quality problems and decided to use a filter brush in the future.

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AOQUN Filter Brush for Fish Pond Filter System
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