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The Function of AOQUN Filter Brushes

The Function of AOQUN Filter Brushes

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Frankie from the United States sent AOQUN an enquiry through Alibaba. He said that they are working on a sewage treatment project. They saw that AOQUN filter brushes have the effect of filtering sewage, but they have never seen such a filtration system. He hoped AOQUN can introduce him the function of the filter brushes.

Filter brushes is a new brush cleaning filter application. It is mainly used for water filtration and purification treatment of rivers, rivers, lakes, seas and various pools and fish ponds. It is also suitable for anaerobic and aerobic treatment of various sewages. The cleaning and filtering effect of the filter brushes is better than the traditional adsorption ball, biochemical cotton, and the service life is longer. The structure of the filter brushes can be easily hanged the debris, and the nitrifying bacteria are more likely to be parasitic and propagated at the initial stage of film formation. When the water passes through the filter brushes, the dust in the water will stick. The filter brushes have a certain physical filtration capacity and also has a certain biochemical filtration capacity. In fact, functionally, it is similar to biochemical cotton, but it has the function of adsorbing suspended matter and particulate matter in water.

A week later, Frankie contacted AOQUN again and said, “Although we have not used it before, AOQUN profession and case have successfully convinced us that we want to give AOQUN the 32,500 filter brushes we need for this project.”

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The Function of AOQUN Filter Brushes
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