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Where does the LCD multi-function digital power meter used for?

Where does the LCD multi-function digital power meter used for?

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1. This product uses the most modern microprocessor and digital signal processing technology, which can measure three-phase voltage, current, power, grid frequency and other common power parameters in the power grid.
2. At the same time, it also with electric energy accumulation, electric energy pulse, over-limit alarm, digital input and output, analog output and network communication functions. Has a friendly man-machine interface.
3. This product has a very high cost performance, can directly replace the conventional measuring indicator, energy meter, multi-function network power meter and related auxiliary unit. As an advanced intelligent, digital grid front-end acquisition component, the meter can be applied to various control systems, energy management systems, substation automation, distribution network automation, community power monitoring, industrial automation, intelligent buildings, intelligent switchboards, switch cabinets.
4. The utility model has the advantages of convenient installation, simple wiring, convenient maintenance, small engineering quantity and field programmable input parameters. It can complete the networking of different PLC and industrial control computer communication software in the industry.

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Where does the LCD multi-function digital power meter used for?
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