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custom packaging boxes

custom packaging boxes

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eenager to teach you to know: What is the difference between the cardboard and the cardboard cardboard box of _ccuunn_ccuunn
Teenager to teach you to know: What is the difference between cardboard and cardboard cardboard box of [original 2,014,123 9:14:55] board, also known as paperboard. By a variety of processing into pulp fibers intertwined Thick page composition. Differences between cardboard box cardboard general quantitative and thickness distinction will generally exceed the quantitative 200g / m2, thickness greater than 0.5mm is called cardboard. It can be divided into several categories according to use: 1, cardboard packaging, such as cardboard, kraft linerboard, yellow paperboard, paperboard, cardboard impregnated pad. 2, industrial technology cardboard, electrically insulating cardboard, asphalt waterproof cardboard. 3, the construction of cardboard, such as felt paper, cardboard insulation, fireproofing board, gypsum cardboard. 4, the printing and decoration of cardboard, such as font cardboard, cardboard cover and so on. Corrugated board production line is the limit after the roll paper corrugated, gluing, bonding set, paper-pressure line, cut each into a standard cardboard, eventually firing line formed by the code output and other processes. Such as single-sided corrugated production line generally consists of web frame

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custom packaging boxes
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