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Basic functions of desk calendar

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Basic functions of desk calendar
1. Promotional products The corporate desk calendar has a novel appearance and unique design. It can be processed by photographing the company's representative products and displayed in a graded manner in the desk calendar, which can effectively promote the company's products.
2. To promote brand culture, you can make a desk calendar to display various large-scale events and activities of the company, and indirectly display the strong cultural atmosphere of the company with pictures and texts, so that outsiders can understand the corporate image, the development status of the company, and the construction of corporate culture. results, so as to achieve the goal of promoting brand culture.
3. Improve public relations: Present the desk calendar to the company's suppliers, distributors, government officials and internal employees to enhance public relations.
4. Customer maintenance The desk calendar can be used as a gift for year-end promotions to give back to consumers. It is simple and practical. It can bring blessings to customers during festivals, so that customers can feel the care of the company and at the same time play a role in maintaining customer relationships.

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